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A European designer based in New York City specializing in architecture and interior design consciously considering sustainable living. 

I believe art is within all of us. The way we express our creativity shall have no boundaries because when it's fueled by our true passions and beliefs it will lead to great results.

In this day and age where the vision of a greener tomorrow is driving us forward, one unique element to my design work is to incorporate sustainable lifestyle practices, also know as Zero Waste, in to my projects.  As a creative, I feel responsible and inspired for adding value and social good through my work.

When creating a new interior space I put great emphasis on the people I design for while introducing  my style and expertise. Through understanding their passions and needs I am able to curate the space to meet their interests. My focus lies in blending sustainability and functionality with my client's aesthetics while keeping the spaces simple and authentic. This leads to minimal, warm and welcoming interiors. My portfolio includes residential and commercial spaces, currently in New York and neighboring beach towns.

Away from design I dedicated my free time to explore the beauty and challenges of green living in the western consumer society.  My journey to zero waste is captured in my Blog and Instagram posts, where I share tips and spread enthusiasm amongst my friends and followers that are engaged with the same idea. My goal is to connect with many likeminded individuals that believe having a clean planet is dictated by our own actions rather than waiting around for organizations to make a change. We are the change.




  • Interior Design

  • Commercial Interior Design

  • Residential Interior Design

  • Photography

  • Interior Styling

  • Space Planning

  • Event Design

  • Creative Direction

  • Material Selection

  • Furniture Sourcing and Purchasing

  • Custom Built Furniture

  • Decor Selection

  • Lighting

  • Window Treatment

  • Plant Sourcing

  • Art Selection



  • Interior Layout Exploration

  • Color Consulting

  • Furniture Selection

  • Mood Board Creation

  • 3D Space Models

  • Demo + New Construction

  • Wall Finishes

  • Flooring

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