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Meraki Nomad

Updated: May 6, 2020

When I first spotted the beautiful "Oum Oil" bottle, I thought, what a mesmerizing art piece. Before even knowing the full story, I knew for certain that I want to get in touch and photograph this vibrant master piece.

After completely falling in love with the design, I soon realized that Adrienne Fisher, founder of Meraki Nomad creates each batch from natural ingredients in holistic ceremony. I kindly invite you to learn more about the brand, Adrienne and what led her to leave New York City and dedicate her creativity to the craft of plant spirit, artisan apothecary.

Tell us a little about Meraki Nomad and what brought you to Holistic Healing?  Meraki Nomad has morphed over the years along with my inner transformations - I suppose that’s what happens when your business is a true expression and manifestation of your inner world! About 6ish years ago I started Meraki Nomad while living in Brooklyn, New York. Then, it was a marketplace of handmade goods made by artisans I had met on my travels from around the world as well as handmade herbal bundles made by me. I have such a love for the traditions and art of the handmade, and how it flows through different cultures in unique yet connected ways.

For a girl that grew up submersed in nature, the energy of New York was overwhelming for me, so it is fitting looking back on it now that the first plants that called out to me were the energy clearing, sacred smoke plants of white sage, sweetgrass, lavender, and rose - I began working with those plants and offering my bundles to the community. I fell in love with those plant spirits, they supported me each day in the overwhelm of New York, and I found peace working with my hands + the plants.

The bundles were a huge hit, and I quickly began selling them all around the world - allowing me to focus on Meraki Nomad full time. A dream, to be making and offering something I loved that was dear to me to help others. I still felt unfulfilled in New York - I created a work-life that I loved, but my soul was in dire need of the earth and sea. Eventually, I found myself walking the streets and sort of tunnel visioning all of the people and buildings out and focusing on the trees and plants around me. It was my escape. It was then that I felt an indescribable connection to the plant world. I felt deep within my bones a remembrance and knew there had to be a way to go deeper, I just needed to learn how. When I look back on those moments, I know now that it was the plants calling me in to join the plant path. So I left New York, and after searching online here and there for some plant medicine courses, I found The Gaia School of Healing in California, and it offered everything I could’ve ever dreamed of. Not just learning about the medicinal properties of plants, but actually communicating with them and learning directly from them as opposed to in books.

So I applied, got accepted, and it all opened from there! It was a life-changing journey that shifted everything for me. I learned how to make medicine in ceremony with the plants during my time there, and I fell in complete love with the process and the magic that would come from each medicine made. I even made an oil I had been making for years with the exact plants but instead in ceremony with the process I learned and it was 10x more potent just opening the jar and smelling the oil - the plants literally extracted stronger. I am in continuous awe of the plants. After I graduated I began making medicines like crazy, I couldn’t stop! It was just flowing through me, mostly from my dreams. I fell in love with the magic of being in ceremony with the plants every day and creating offerings to support others. Thus, Meraki Nomad morphed into my beloved botanical apothecary of offerings made from the deep pulls of my heart.

Everyone has a different way of defining eco-friendly. What does sustainability mean to you?  Living in reciprocity with the earth as best as you can with the resources you have access to.

What inspired you to create a business connected to Mother Earth?

I feel such a deep connection with the Earth. Beyond time and space. I just love to be close with her every day, work with her, be a messenger for her. I feel it is simply my soul path.

Each one of your products is special and handmade in ceremony, but is there one that is closest to your heart?

"Hmmmm, it’s so hard to choose! Like having to choose a favorite child." They are all so close to Adrienne's heart for different reasons but there is one coming through to share:

"I think because it is the first botanical oil I made, and so I’ve been communing with her for a long time. Tulsi, Kava, Rose, Calendula, and Lavender all came through wanting to gather together in an oil before I even knew how insanely nourishing they would all be for the nervous system, body, skin, and spirit. When I used this oil for the first time my whole body sank into a relaxing surrender, tension flowed away, and my skin felt radiant + nourished. Every night I’d sit on my bed and oil my body in the candlelight - it was (and still is) my oasis after a long day. The scents of rose and bergamot and ylang-ylang bring me to a sensual place of softness and bliss."

For weeks and weeks, I communed with this oil, getting to know the plants in this form and learning from them how they serve all of the parts of me. I finally felt the pull to share it, as it brought me so much. The gathering of these plants felt like a gathering of my closest sisters who make me feel loved, held, supported, and beautiful. I miss being around my closest sisters, as now we are all spread across the world - so this brings me to that place of feminine support and comfort that I so badly long for right now.

I believe spirituality and sustainability go hand in hand. How do you encourage your customers to integrate sustainable practices in their lives?

I just like to share knowledge and inspire others through the authentic way that I live and the gifts that I share. I share the messages of the earth - her healings, her magic, her medicine -

"I believe that if others can come back to a deep connection

with the earth then sustainable practices will follow with ease,

from a deep heart-centered place of understanding and care"

- as opposed to feeling guilted into making the changes in order to live more sustainable lives. When you’re in relationship with the earth, you really would do everything you can to treat her with respect and love.


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