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Pearly Whites

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

After so many Christmas Snacks and Candies you gotta take good care of your Hollywood Smile!

Jokes aside. Taking care of our pearly whites is extremely important for every individual. Taking care of our planet at the same time, is beneficial for all of us on a lot bigger scale.

You might not know this, because large companies are trying to make you buy their newest super-duper product, but with the right brushing technique any toothbrush will do well for you! If you're looking for a more eco-friendly option to replace your plastic toothbrush, compostable bamboo toothbrush might seem like the quickest solution to get rid of that single use piece.

There’s one thing you shouldn’t forget about:

The bristles!

Initially I assumed that the entire toothbrush will be compostable, until I found out that the bristles are usually made out of eco-friendly “recyclable” plastic or BPA free Nylon. Honestly, I want to see what facility on this planet really recycles these bristles...

Anyways, I’m still looking for a good fully compostable toothbrush that is good for my teeth, my gums and can go straight into a bio-recycling bin. Until then, I will have to remove the bristles with a tweezer put them into regular trash and compost the bamboo part.

Here are my top three bamboo toothbrushes. Some companies like @ecoheart_sk and @brushwithbamboo have a great story and mission, then some of them are just more gentle to my gums. I highly suggest to try a new brand each time and find what works the best for you. Normally I would use Curaprox 5460 with extra soft bristlets. The softest bristles I tried so far are from Sprmal - on the bamboo collection side.

Keep brushing at least twice a day or after each meal and don't forget to floss! Use compostable Dental Lace and try making your own Tooth Paste.


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