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Teakend - Conpostable tea bags

Updated: Jan 15, 2018

One of my favorite things about the weekend is that we get to relax and recharge our energy for the upcoming week. Staying cozy, wearing comfy clothes, no make-up, no rush, just sipping on a cup of tea is definitely one of the ways to enjoy it. (Sipping rose on a Beach would be on top of the list..)

While enjoying my tea I'd love to share the story behind it.

A few weeks ago PackagefreeShop was offering free tins of tea with every in store purchase.

I know, you might think:

What's so great about it?

You can find tea everywhere!

Well, other than the fact that the products from Teapigs are "tealicious" they approached the zerowaste lifestyle store with the desire to collaborate. Due to a recent expiration date misprint, Teapigs was unable to sell their tea in stores - meaning they had over 500 tins of tea that couldn't be sold. Obviously, Packagefree Team was more than interested to take their "waste" and prevent it from going to landfill.

Check out their website where you can find interesting recipes and ideas how to upgrade your TeaGame. All the bags are fully compostable, which adds a big plus to their products ;)

Less Waste & More

Brands like this: Teapigs

Stores like this. PackagefreeShop

and more Happy Consumers.


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