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Tote Please - #1 Zero Waste item

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

One easy way to avoid producing more trash is to always have your own shopping bag with you. It will come handy on the days when you just pop in to the grocery store to get one thing and end up leaving with a full cart.

The first plastic bag that was invented by a Swedish engineer #StenGustafThulin in the early 1960s is still here and will be here potentially chilling in the landfills or swimming in the ocean till 2460’s as it takes approx. 500 years for the plastic bag to break down. Think about it next time you go grocery shopping and consider bringing your own bag instead of relying on a plastic one. Is plastic bag your way to leave a mark?

"I wish all the stores offered reusable tote bags instead of plastic ones."

- Just like @megshop


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