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Zero Waste Style

Updated: Jan 17

Vintage Espirit Dress: Awoke Vintage

Shoes: Superga

Hat Wear: Smith Optics

Jewelry: Norbu

Refuse. Reuse. Reduce. Recycle.

In this day and age we create our own religion. We structure our life to meet our beliefs and we work hard to become a better version of ourselves! We win, we lose, we rise, we fall.

Simply, we experiment!

We try out new ways of living until we find the one that suits us the most.

On my journey to live a more sustainable life, my clothing, food choices as well as beauty product selection has significantly changed. Picking clothes similar to this white dress from a local Vintage store embody the idea of circular economy.

Photography: SnowFlake

Editing: LB

Location: The Willam Vale

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