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Saturday Yoga

Updated: Jan 15, 2018

Exercise, mind - body connection and conscious movement has always been a part of my life. Dancing since I was five years old, doing a lot of PT and swimming in my teenage years then smoothly taking up the gym culture in my twenties just to stay fit and sweat it out. I feel like yoga connects and embraces it all in one. I don't do yoga nearly as often as I'd love to. I wish I made the time to practice on a daily basis because every time I dedicate the time to slow down and concentrate on my breathing and pretty much myself I feel reborn.

Same thing happened after taking a class with Sasha. Couple weeks ago I had the chance to meet this wonderful woman. We got connected thanks to my friend Gili who is a rising Israeli photographer based in New York.

On a stunning Saturday morning a group of five girls decided to make their weekend better and start with some rooftop yoga. What a great idea! After having such great experience with Sasha, I took the chance to dedicate this blog to her story and let her tell you about her journey of discovering Yoga.

○ Thank you Sasha for such a lovely Yoga class. Tell us something about your early beginnings.

I come from art. I've been on stage since the age of six. Self expression has always been the center of my life. First I heard about yoga from an old and wise acting teacher in high school but I was too focused on boys and didn't really take his advice to "practice 5 sun salutations every morning". 

When at the age of 18 life presented an unexpected turn and I became one of the most famous people in Israel as a semi finalist of the Israeli version of American idol, art and self expression collided with the show biz industry and all its complexities. I never lost grip of what was important but it was much harder to have a balanced life. I'm a sensitive and privet person but at the same time I love people and the art world so for me it was and still IS necessary to have a practice that can help me enjoy all aspects of myself in a healthy and open way.

○ What brought you back to Yoga?

I believe Yoga came to my life for that reason. When I moved to NY at the age of 22 to study acting I was introduced to it again by an acting teacher. I was still focused on boys but this time I was determined to learn and become and better artist and a better human being. Only when I started taking classes on a regular basis I felt the affects and the nurturing qualities of this incredible discipline.  What is it enjoy about yoga the most?

It was my secret haven and my way to converse with myself and my body, silently and intuitively. Without distractions, without judgement, without fear. The tipping from one emotional extreme to the other was evened out with practice. Yoga allows me to be who I fully am without the need to constantly explain that I am many things.

That's incredible! We all find it difficult sometimes to find our true selves. Did this experience lead you to become a teacher?

Recently I completed my Yoga teacher training in Mexico with one of the most well known schools of Vinyasa - VY vinyasa. As a yoga student I always struggled finding teachers I connected with and/or who put emphasis on safety. Sweaty Classes with 40 people cramped into one room never spoke to me and I decided to do my own popup yoga in NY.

Where can we join your next sessions?

I teach every Saturday at 11 am at the basement of Zizi Limona. Class is limited to 8 people. I teach donation base small groups in different locations and love keeping it intimate. That way I get to connect with students and pay attention to their needs. 

Reach out to Sasha on Instagram if you'd like to attend. 

Yoga Instructor: Sasha Daniel

Photography: Gili Levinson

Next Location: Zizi Limona


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