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Zero Waste Shopping

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

It all started at a photography class at @prattinstitute The topic for this school project was up to us and I couldn't help my self but pick a theme where I could point out something that has been bothering me for a while. 12 months ago I was just a young woman with head full of thoughts not fully accepting things the way they are, willing to do something about it but not knowing where to start. Trashy New York culture was freaking my European mind out.

A year later my journey to more sustainable + caring living has continued and the more I researched the more amazing people, brands and organizations I came across. I fully changed my shopping routine, shifted my Instagram feed into more environmentally- conscious posts and somewhere in between I co-designed the first Zero-Waste lifestyle store in NYC. There's so much I want to share with you my dear readers and I'll get to it in my next posts but this one is dedicated to my very first blog post form a year ago. After updating my website, some of the older blogs has been lost. So let me bring this one back to life by reposting it. Hope you'll enjoy.

"I know that our lifestyle isn't going to be any slower than it is now! That's why we need to stop producing plastic waste simply by eliminating it's use and stop relying on recycling. By choosing reusable glass jars instead of plastic ones we can avoid unnecessary waste production created by packaging. B.y.o bag when you shop, ask for a coffee to stay when you have an extra minute to spare. On these few examples captured on photos I'm trying to demonstrate how ridiculously unnecessary the packaging was. As we purchase groceries on a daily basis, we might as well pay extra attention and think twice before we reach for a box full of chopped veggies, when there are fresh, unwrapped, locally produced ones just one shelf lower."

It's our choice, our planet, our responsibility!

This photo gallery was created to make consumers THINK about their choices and shopping habits by showing contrast between packaged goods and package-free products. The grocery store where I took some of these pictures is actually very environmentally conscious and is offering bulk options, paper bags and other ways of packaging goods than plastic containers.


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Nov 17, 2017

I like reading this. I love top though it says "I was just a young women" should be just a young 'woman." Thank you for bringing this issue to light


Nov 16, 2017

Thank you for shring these pictures! I love the contrast you show and I love the idea here.

Best regards,



Nov 16, 2017

I am so happy to live in Austria where almost everything is local. Markets are available and we can have zero waste, organic veggies, diary and fish from clear water. I struggled when I visited Mexico and Texas where organic products are not that available but Standard American Food. Nice blog.


Nov 15, 2017

This is something that I strive for: minimizing waste. Buying in bulk and from farmer's markets have been something I try to do, but in some places its difficult. Living in Japan, for example, EVERYTHING is practically triple packaged, even with their strict recycling programs.


Nov 14, 2017

such lovely photos!

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