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| December 2019 |

One of seven volcanic Canary Islands located off the coast of Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean.

Tenerife is the Spanish archipelago’s largest and most populous island and also the island where my parents lived when I was little. Up until the age of 6 we spent on and off 3 years on Tenerife. While my parents were working, I was literally hanging out and enjoying the beauties of being young.

Being a kid was simple and the endless beaches & sunsets got encrypted into my identity for ever. Memories of growing up there felt vivid even after 2 decades although they could've been shaped by watching my dad's artsy VHS recordings. Either way "growing up on Tenerife" has become part of my story as well as "ego" and I always hoped that one day I'll be able to return and experience the land of my childhood through adult eyes. Exactly 20 years later opportunity arose and it was one of the best trips ever. Thanks to the love of my life, my family reunited on Tenerife again to spend Christmas together. What I didn't know is that the island will have an even more special place in my heart during this trip - In the hill side tropical garden of the Hacienda Cuatro Ventanas my love popped the questions and I said YES.

For anyone thinking about visiting here are my TOP 3 recommendations for each category_

Beaches & Surf /•

Playa De Las Americas

Playa Abama

Playa de Fañabé

Activities /•

Cruise through Pico del Teide National Park

Catamaran Tour

Loro Parque (Kids)

Restaurants /•

Beach Club - Adeje

Places to stay at /•

WEST side: The Ritz-Carlton

SOUTH: Hotel Vulcano UP


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