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Zero Waste Sailing

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Epic Tour to one of the most beautiful coastlines in Hawaii.

Kauai is the ultimate destination in Hawaii. The island offers untouched nature, beaches, hikes as well as magical sunsets. One of the best ways to observe the beauty of Kauai's coast is from a birds eye view or from a perspective of a sailor. If you are passionate about the ocean, enjoy sailing and care about leaving a low waste food print then going on boat trip with Capt. Andy's will be something for you!

Sailing with Capt. Andy's by catamaran is a perfect activity for when you are on the south side of Kauai at the beginning of the trip. Depending on the time of the year and weather conditions you will either head north and explore the breathe taking Na Pali coast or head south towards Poi Pu. Either way you can expect spectacular sea cliffs, various marine life, snorkeling, on board picnic, a bit of Hawaiian history and ton of fun!

Departure was from Port Allen in the early the morning to get a jump on the day. When we got on board there was freshly brewed coffee and breakfast buffets were waiting for us and with smile on our faces and breeze in our hair the journey begun!

We traveled the coast line with our sister ships who were all exploring the coastline in search for marine life. Once one ship spotted a whale or dolphins the captain would radio in to the other ships fill them in. We happened to have the best captain that spotted all the whales which always helps!

Early on in the trip, we spotted several schools of dolphins which swam along side the catamaran! That was one of the most magical moments seeing dophins in the wild playing in the wake along side the ship.

When we reached Poipu the crew geared us up with masks, snorkels & fins and we eagerly jumped into the water and explore the coral reef. We spotted countless tropical fish of every color under the sun and turtles would often appear from within the reef and swim with us on the surface -- such a cool experience and the ocean was so beautifully blue and as clear as any water I have ventured in!

After an hour of snorkeling and enjoying the turtles & marine life it was time to eat. We all built up our appetite and were e!xcited to dine on the yummy food which was freshly prepared on the vessel's kitchen and grill! Here’s where Capt. Andy’s gets a big thumb up from me: all the non alcoholic beverages, snacks and main courses were served without a single disposable cup, plate or utensils and the only recyclables were cans of local brews.

Sailing with Captain Andy's was an adventure filled with fun, beautiful sites, incredible marine life along with a very friendly and skilled crew! I would highly recommend this to everyone visiting Kauai.

Capt. Andy's has been featured in many travel platforms and offers various sailing adventures.

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